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                                                                    Sugarcraft Classes

Whether you are keen to try out a new hobby or are want to improve your cake making & decorating skills, our Sugarcraft classes will fulfill your ambitions.
Classes are suitable for beginners and improvers.

Sarah has been running her home based company in South Wales for the past ten years in which time her bespoke celebration and wedding cakes have been honored and rewarded by several international cake companies, she has become a respected artist in her field with several celebrity clients in her portfolio.

 And now for the first time she is opening the doors of The Crafty Kitchen to teach her skills to you, in these classes you will learn the skills that Sarah has developed to create her cake art, her teaching format is both fun and informative.  
Both Private, Semi Private and Group Classes are on offer.

For more information on a class please email Sarah at

To book a space on one of our workshops, firstly please read our Class Terms & Conditions, and then and then contact us to request a booking form. 

    We have payment installment options available for group classes over £160.  

All classes are held at The Crafty Kitchen, CF62 4PP unless otherwise stated.

Sugarcraft Classes

    Course Availability 2019

To book onto one of our courses, firstly please read our Class Terms & Conditions, 
and then Contact Us to request a booking form. 
Payment is not required until we acknowledge receipt of your form and confirm availability.  Please note your place on the course is not guaranteed until we have received your payment and confirmed the booking.


*Note- Everything that you need to make the project subject for each of our classes is provided for you (unless otherwise stated). All you usually need to bring, is an Apron, Lunch & a Note Book and Pen.
Tea & Coffee are provided.

Classes Available 2019

This is our second class in our Sugar Flower series, during this class you will learn how to make a wired open Peony with stamen (not fantasy stamens), an Anemone and Hydrangea as well as small filler flowers and leaves. 

The class will start at 10:15am both days and finish around 5pm. 

Class fee £180    Fully Booked

*you are required to bring a 6" round or square cake dummy with you to stand your flowers in, 
and to ensure they travel home safely. We will provide a box for travel.


Ganache Drip Cake Class

Saturday 8th June

Photo to follow

 Ganache Drip cakes have been with us a little while but are still so on trend, so during this class Sarah is going to teach you how to:

* Make covering ganache*Cover a cake with Ganache professionally & create a sharp edge
*Split, fill and stack a sponge cake
* Ganache your cake
*Make coloured drip
*How to decorate your cake with Sweet treats & Macarons for a spectacular display 
*How to add Fresh Flowers, making them food safe
*Ice a board and trim neatly with ribbon
*Add a Word Topper

The class will start at 10am & finish around 5pm.

 Class fee: £135     Fully Booked


Vintage Cupcakes

Saturday 29th June

10am -5.30pm

Although intricate in design, this class is suitable for beginners to cake decorating and the more established baker who would like to refine their skills.
 Sarah will guide you step by step through every detail of their making.

During the class, you will learn:

* The difference between working with sugarpaste & Flowerpaste.
* How to colour your paste.
* How to form a perfect Iced dome to use as a canvas for your Cupcake design.
* How to make non wired Roses, without the aid of moulds.
* How to make edible cake lace and use it as decoration for your cupcakes.
* How to use embossers and moulds to create vintage edible decorations
* How to add beading detail.
* How to use Edible Luster dusts to enhance your decorations

Sarah encourages your creativity in this class, you do not have to copy her designs, you may alters colours or decorations as you wish.

A recipe sheet with instructions of how to bake the cupcakes and make frosting will be provided, so that you can make them again at home.

Class fee £75    1 space remaining


Fast Food Cake

Burger, Pizza & Chips!

Saturday 14th July

Photo to follow

Everyone loves an Illusion cake (a cake that looks like something else)  

 In this  this class, you will learn all the skills needed to create this fun cake.

*Shape and carve a sponge cake to make a burger & bun
*How to make fondant lettuce, tomato, cheese & onions
*Make fondant chips & tomato sauce
*Create a Pizza from sponge cake & make the toppings 
*Cover a board & trim with ribbon
*How to colour fondant and use dusts to create tone & highlights

The class will start at 10am & finish around 5.30pm.

 Class fee: £125      5 places remaining


Animal Modelling Workshop

Welcome to the Jungle!

Saturday 7th September  10am - 5.30pm

During this class Sarah will teach you how to work with professional grade modelling paste to create a delightful Jungle Animal cake topper.  
You will learn how to colour your paste, how to use professional modelling tools to create your characters and how to add bring out their facial character with the use of edible paints and dusts. The modelling skills learned on this class can easily be adapted to make an abundance of other animals.

This class is suitable for beginners & more advanced cake decorators.

6 Places Available. Class Fee: £75


Figure Modelling - Standing Figure

Saturday 14th September

Photo to Follow

Figure modelling is often the nemesis of many sugar-crafters, so during this class Sarah will show you step by step how to create a clothed standing figure. 
You will learn how to:

* Work with professional modelling paste
*How to colour paste
*How to create a torso and limbs & structure them for support.
*How to make hands with fingers
*How to create a female face
*How to add hair & style
*How to use dusts & edible paints to enhance features and add definition
*How to add clothing

The class will start at 10am & finish around 6pm.

 Class fee: £90  4 places remaining

*you are required to bring a 6" round or square cake dummy with you to stand your figure on, 
and to ensure it travels home safely. We will provide a box for travel.


Icing Perfection Class  - Ganache & Sharp Edges

Saturday 5th October

10am - 5.30pm

Do you aspire to create cakes like the professionals?
Gaze in awe at the flawless finish and sharp edges of their cakes?

Well come along and join Sarah in this workshop where she will teach you how! 

you will learn how to:

• Level your cake and fill it with buttercream
• Cover your cake with Ganache
• Talk through, the method of making Ganache and how to troubleshoot problems
• Colour sugarpaste with gel colours
• Cover your cake with Sugarpaste, and how to achieve that fabulous sharp edge
• Make a stunning unwired sugarpaste rose to adorn your cake.,
.• Cover a cake board and add a ribbon to finish your cake.

At the end of the class, you will have a beautiful cake to take home and eat with your friends and family, and you will have learnt lots of new skills and techniques so that you can recreate many more.

Course Fee: £135   2 spaces remaining.


Sparkle, Paint & Floral Tiered Cake Class

2 Day Class - Saturday 12th October & Sunday 13th October.

10am - 5.30pm both days

Join Sarah on this 2 day class to learn how to create this exquisite, 
tiered Sparkle & Rustic themed cake.

During this class you will learn how to:

*Cover dummy cakes with professional grade sugarpaste
 creating a flawless finish and sharp edges.
*How to create sugar Dahlias, Roses, Filler Flowers & Berries
*How to create an edible sparkle finish on one of your tiers
*How to paint a Stag head using the Cocoa Butter painting technique
*How to wire & tape your flowers, and add them to your cake.
*How to cover a board and trim with ribbon

*Please note we will be working on Dummy cakes for this class, so that you may take it home to use as a showpiece for pleasure or business.  

Class Fee £300      4 Places Available


Two Day Class
Saturday 26th October - Sunday 27th October

Structured Cake Class - Standing Witch

10am -6.00pm both days

Photo to Follow

During this class we will be creating a standing Witch cake with an internal structure, we will making her accessories such as a broom stick, pumpkins and cat.

Please note; This will be cake and fully edible, just in time for Halloween!

More details to follow......


   Saturday 30th November

Xmas Cake Class

Painted Poinsettia Hat Box Cake

1030am - 5.30pm

Photo to Follow

During this class we will be creating a Christmas themed Hat Box Cake, with a hand painted Poinsettia details to the side of the box, topped with a 
sugar Poinsettia.

You will Learn how to:

*Cover a Ganched cake with professional grade sugarpaste to create a flawless sharp finish.
* How create a lid effect and rope handle.
*How to emboss Poinsettia flowers onto the sides of your cake and paint them using cocoa butter.
*How to add shade & depth to your painting.
*How to create a gumpaste Poinsettia flower to adorn your cake.
*How to cover a board and trim with ribbon
*How to add lettering to the board

Class Fee: £115  or £100 bring your own cake.

We will be providing a 7" ganached sponge cake for you to work on for this class, if you wish to bring a Fruit Cake covered in Marzipan, so that it lasts for Christmas you are welcome to and the reduced fee will apply.

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