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We love this!
A Fayre Fight!
A new day has dawned!
Good Morning, and Welcome to our new website


March 2015 - Hello!
May 2015 - Boxing Glove Tutorial
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Crumbs from the Kitchen!

We love this!

 Do you have any idea how happy sorting my colours in to this stand just made me?  Come on I know you do!

This fabulous stand will hold 52 Pro Gels, Colour Splash tubes or standard Sugarflair colour pots.  I know isn't that fantastic, look how pretty they are?   Do you want one?

It comes un-assembled, (you need some glue), You can paint it to match your cake room and it is just £14.99

Here you go:   

A Fayre Fight!

Hey, look I am still here! 

I have been longer than I intended in writing this next blog post, well actually I have not but it all went a bit wrong!   

My intention for the blog was to write it monthly bringing you up to date with what was going on at TCK, where we have been and what we have been making, as well as sharing some special stuff with you.   So I sat down on Easter Sunday and wrote the April blog, it took me two and half hours.   I gave you news,  I was witty and charming (well I thought so) and I gave you a insight into how I made one of my recent cakes, and then I pressed the DELETE button instead of Save.   Argh!!!

So then, I bashed my head on the lap top, said really bad words and took myself off to cry in to a corner with my Easter eggs........   But, hey ho I have recovered now and learnt my lesson,  Save as you go along!

So, what have we been up to?  
wedding cake consultation We have been to several wedding fayres over the past few months promoting the wedding side of the business.  The fayres that we attended have been well run by Eternity with Love and C J Wedding fayres , they have been held in some beautiful locations. My particular favourite was the very spectacular setting of Cottrell Park in the Vale of Glamorgan.   

Attending these fayres and looking at all the products on offer to make your day unforgettable, almost made me want to get married again!  (to Mr TCK, of course and I did say almost!).  

Our display of wedding cakes received many adoring comments, with our Dove Grey and Pink cake receiving a special amount of interest.    If you are planning a wedding, we have a special website offer on at the moment. We are offering 10% off the price of your wedding cake,  your deposit must be paid by 31st October 2015 to qualify. Please contact us for further details.

As well as attending wedding fayres, our time has been spent teaching our 'Ganache and Sharp' edges class and of course making lots of celebration and birthday cakes.  We have had some lovely customers with super ideas for their cakes, one that I particularly enjoyed was this Boxing Glove cake.   It was not a cake that I have made before, so guess what?   I took photographs as I made it and I am going to show you..........

Boxing Glove birthday cake

A basic tutorial - Boxing Glove Cake

Boxing glove Birthday Cake
(click on any of the links in this tutorial and it will take you to the products that I used)

I started by baking a 7" round cake, a 7" square (baked in a sandwich tin) and a bowl cake.   You could of baked one big cake and carved the lot from that, but as I had not done this before I broke it down into steps.  My cake fed around 35 people, you can obviously alter the size of cakes to suit you.

Boxing glove Birthday Cake

Next you need to draw a template. Now come on you do not need to be Picasso to do this, start by drawing around your round tin and go from there.

Boxing glove Birthday Cake

Now cut the template out and place it on top of your round cake. The hand piece of the glove should fit right on top, because remember we drew around our round tin!

Boxing glove Birthday Cake

Cut around your template.

Boxing glove Birthday Cake

Now we need just a bit of carving around the edges,  you are rounding them off.  Make sure you get in between the thumb and the rest of the glove.

Boxing glove Birthday Cake
I did not take enough photos really at this stage, but I am sure you can catch the gist!

The wrist of the glove was cut from the square cake.  Cut it in half, lay one piece on top of the other and carved it into shape to fit the hand.  You can use your template to do this, cut the template apart where the glove joins the wrist and you will be able to match the curve where it joins.  The bowl cake has been cut down and placed on top of the round cake.  You can see I have carved it down to flow in to the glove, also carve the edges of your square cake to soften and round them.   

Boxing glove Birthday Cake

The cake was split and filled, and then covered in a layer of white chocolate ganache.  You can use buttercream if you prefer.

Boxing glove Birthday Cake

Make sure your ganache or buttercream is nice and smooth and covering all of the cake.

Boxing glove Birthday Cake

Now cover the whole thing in Red sugarpaste
(If you have not tried this sugarpaste, you really should give it a try)
Using a Dresden tool or a modelling tool, mark a crease line in the wist of the glove and some around the thumb area.  

Boxing glove Birthday Cake
I added a strap to the wrist of the glove just made from a strip of sugarpaste, with some stitching detail on it.   I used a stitching wheel for this.

I gave the whole glove a spray of red airbrush paint, and then highlighted it in black picking up the creases and stitching detail.
You could do this with edible dusts if you do not have an airbrush.

Boxing glove Birthday CakeAnd finally I added an edible image logo to the glove and Voila, that is the glove finished!

Sorry, I did not take any photographs of the making of the belt or the wood effect board.   

(I teach a class on the basic use of an airbrush which covers this wood effect.   This is a one to one class suitable for beginners or someone thinking about purchasing an airbrush but not sure what to do with it).  

I hope you find that useful, sorry it is not in any more depth but it was not intended as a tutorial at the time of taking the photographs.  It was just to remind me what I did, if I take another order for one!    If you have a go at making this, be sure to send a photograph to my Facebook page.   I will show them on my page.

Remember, you can subscribe to our Blog just hover over the Blog button on the left and hit the Subscribe tab.  You will then receive notifications of any new posts.

Well, that is all for today folks. Whatever you are up to have a great weekend, and I will be back with you soon. I hope!

Sarah xx

A new day has dawned!

So the clocks have changed, Spring has Sprung! And who forgot to tell Mother Nature?

It is a foul day here in Wales, raining and blowing a Whooly!  But, I am in my PJ's with a nice cup of tea, some Peanut Butter chocolate (Yes, it's my downfall) and I'm thinking I'm going to write a Blog.......  

Ha, ha  my Husband and kids are laughing, 'What do you know, about writing a blog' they said. 'Your spelling is terrible and you did not exactly get an A in English'.   They of little faith, an English student I may not be, but in the words of the great Mr Kipling, I do know how to 'make exceedingly good cakes'  So that is what I am going to Blog about!

Over the coming months, I am going to give you an insight into the workings of TCK, (come on keep up, that means The Crafty Kitchen),  I'm going to share some recipes with you, keep you up to date with news and events in the cake world, share any fab sugarcraft bargains that I find (I do like a bargain), share some hints and tips to make your sugarcrafting life a little easier, and show you how I have made some of my cakes.  And, hopefully I  might be able to talk some of my cake friends into a guest blog spot!  (Friends if you are reading this, expect the call!)

Keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter, I will give you a shout when a new Blog is up.   Feel free to comment and remember, don't be rude because you will end up on the edit room floor!

So, I will catch up with you all soon my Crafty pals.  

Oh and if you press the Blog tab, an option is there for you to subscribe to email alerts, that way you won't miss a crumb!  

Sarah xx

Good Morning, and Welcome to our new website

Well Good Morning and it's a sunny one here in Wales today!  

This is the first day of my Website being live, I still have some work to do on it, with pages to update and more products to add and I hope there soon will be many regular visitors.

You can join me for a chat on my Facebook page at

signing off for now, have a fab weekend lets hope the sun stays out

Sarah xx
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