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Wedding cake ordering - A little information

So many of the emails that we receive say "Can you give me a price for a 3 tier Wedding Cake please?"

The honest answer to that is "No, not without some more information".

Our weddings cakes are all bespoke, designed to your individual needs. It is not as simple as just requiring a pretty 3 tier wedding cake because you like the one you have seen in a photograph, there are several factors that are going to determine the design and price of Your cake, let me explain that to you... 

1. The size of the cake that You need. How many portions do you require?

The amount of cake that you need depends on how and when you intend to serve it. 

Many weddings involve a 3 course sit down meal which includes dessert, in this case the cake is usually served with tea and coffee a little later in the day or you may decide to keep it until the evening to go out with a buffet. In this scenario you require a smaller portion of cake, called a tea/coffee serving. Our standard portion size in this instance is 1"x 1"

If you are intending to use the cake as dessert, you need a bigger portion, a Dessert portion. For this we suggest a 2" x 1" portion.

So, the size of the cake that you need will firstly depend on how many people you want to feed with the cake and then which portion size you want. Take in to consideration as to whether you want to give cake to your evening guests as well as your daytime guests. The cake portions pictured below are based on a 4 layer cake, many of our more modern designs contain more layers the portion can then be cut in half if you wish to.

Some couples may be having a smaller wedding, therefore not requiring a lot of portions from the cake but would still like the grandeur of a bigger cake, if this is the case we can discuss the options for this with you. 

Portion Sizes

2. The Flavour of your cake.   

We have lots of different flavours of sponge cake on offer as well as a fruit cake option. These vary in prices between our Standard & Luxury Menu. You may have a different flavour of cake for each tier or your wedding cake, so whilst browsing through our Menu, consider which flavour you would like for each tier. Some lighter sponges or heavier fruit cakes may not be suitable for all tiers, we will advise you on this.

3. The Design of the cake.

This is a huge choice to make, as design possibilities are endless!

Do not worry, Sarah with her many years experience of cake design will help steer you through this one. The design of your cake, as well as its size and flavours are all factors in the final pricing of it.

Look at lots of photos, browse Magazines, Google, Pinterest and save photos of the designs that appeal to you. Think about colours and themes that you have chosen for the wedding and what you would like incorporated in to your cake. 

Yes we have incorporated the cat & the kitchen sink before! (not everyone's style, but we won't judge you)

Understand that we are not keen to copy another cake makers work or another couples choice of design, we are keen to make the cake truly yours. We certainly do not mind you sending us cake photographs as inspiration, feel free to say, we love the ruffles on this one, the flowers on that one... We can then get a feel for your style and the design process can start from there.

If you would like flowers on your cake, think about whether you would like fresh flowers, sugar or artificial flowers. In the case of fresh flowers, we usually price the cake without these as we suggest they are purchased from the florist providing the rest of your wedding flowers, from our experience we find you can usually get a better deal this way. However we will consult with your florist regarding their design and placement on the cake, we insist on placing the flowers on to the cake at we need to ensure that they are food safe and inserted/placed correctly for the structure of the cake. Please also consider that not all flowers are safe to be put on food, we will over ride a florists thoughts on this as it is our hygiene certificate that would be scrutinised if there was a problem, florists do not have a food hygiene certificate! For this reason we will ask you what flowers the florist is providing.

Well we expect you didn't know there was all that to think about when you said, "Can I have a price on a 3 tier cake please?"   

Don't let it be daunting it is just 3 steps to work through, so that we can design and price the Wedding Cake of your dreams. 

One last thing, we will also need to know the time and venue for your wedding, so that we can factor delivery times and prices in to a quote.

We really like where possible to work with our couples face to face at a consultation, so that we can go through these details with you, details of our consultations and cake tastings can be found here. 

However we will often offer an initial consultation via email to do the fact finding.

I will look forward to discussing your cake with you


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