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Portion & Cutting Guides

When ordering a cake from The Crafty Kitchen one of the first questions we will ask is 'How many portions do you need'  this information will determine the size of the cake that you need. Our standard portion size is 1"x1" this is called a Finger Portion and is suitable for most parties and weddings.  If you would like a bigger portion you can request a 'Dessert Portion, 2"x1". The Portion Guide below is based on a 4 layer cake, many of our more modern designs are taller than this consisting of 5 or 6 layers, with more layers you may wish to cut the portion through the middle.

When we quote you it will be on a Finger size portion unless you have requested different.

To receive the correct portions from your cake it will need to be cut as the Video below shows you. This is probably different to how you are used to cutting a cake, but will give you optimal portions.

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